Freightos operates the world’s largest freight rate database, backed by technology used at over 1,000 logistics providers globally, as well as the Freightos Marketplace, where over 30,000 users easily compare, book, and manage their freight shipments.

Freightos offers three types of integration:

  1. Embedded Freight Tool Widgets: Suite of embeddable freight tools, including rate calculators, density calculators, airport/seaport maps and more
  2. APIs: JSON API requests that returns either estimates or bookable international freight rates for air, ocean and trucking in core global import/export markets.
  3. Co-branded Marketplace site: Certain companies may qualify for a co-branded freight marketplace, which enables customers to book shipments in a shared environment.
  4. Freight Widgets | APIs | Co-Branded Marketplace

Freightos integration services


Embedded Freight Tools

As part of our mission to make global trade frictionless, we’ve create a suite of tools that provide a simpler shipping experience. Provide your users with the same experience with:

  • Freight Rate Calculator: Instant freight rate estimates for door-to-door global shipping
  • FBA Freight Rate Calculator: Variation of the calculator, which provides shipping estimates directly to FBA warehouses
  • Density Calculator: Easily generate freight class classification for domestic US trucking
  • US Duty Calculator: Generate duty estimates and HS codes for US import/exports
  • Airport/Seaport Map: A comprehensive map of global airports and seaports
  • More coming soon
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Freightos pairs the world’s largest freight rate database of over 500 million rates with patent-pending shipment routing/pricing algorithms that are used internally at some of the world’s largest logistics providers. When used for transactional purposes, these unique APIs are offered for free. See Documentation

Co-Branded Marketplace

The Freightos Marketplace is used by tens of thousands of companies to optimize freight shipping. If international freight shipping plays a core role in your customer’s activities, Freightos does offer the option of a co-branded marketplace operated by both companies. This option is reserved for companies that match specific qualifications. Learn More